Web marketing

If only creating a fantastic new website was an immediate passport to success. Unfortunately the Internet is an increasingly big place and the competition gets stronger all the time.

Failing to promote your site is the old-style equivalent of printing brochures and then locking them in the stationery cupboard.

But how do you go about getting the necessary eye balls that will deliver success?

In many ways, it is no different from media planning of old. It is essential to understand your target audience, understand their behaviour, what they read, where they go on the Internet, what they search for that relates to you, what are their interest groups?

Generating the right types of sales messages and the killer content that they will both react to and share is central as always to success.

With 35 years of marketing knowledge in the bank, we’re pretty confident we can help you through the minefield and deliver quality leads.

Search party

These days, if you don’t appear in the upper regions of search engines, you’re nowhere.

Consumers now have search as a default starting point for purchases yet it amazes us how many businesses eschew this opportunity to get their fair share of search traffic.

A plethora of inbound calls to clients from snake oil SEO companies hasn’t helped, but it’s really something that needs to be addressed.

Anyone who makes you firm guarantees is lying. However we can guarantee we will explain the options in plain language and work hard as part of a team to ensure the best possible results.

Pay check

Natural search requires hard work and time.

If you have a new brand or domain, it is even harder. At launch, or where your search phrases are ultra competitive, you may also need to consider paid advertising on Adwords and increasingly on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether as a replacement for, or an addition to, natural search requires careful thought looking at all the data at our disposal. Indeed where natural search takes time it may be a gradual move from paid to natural over time.

In the wrong hands paid web advertising is a sure-fire way of burning banknotes. Let us advise you.


Invite friends

Often prospects we engage with, in an effort to generate new sales opportunities, employ binoculars to survey the horizon for potential leads, at great expense and with limited success.

Sometimes we suggest they swap to a magnifying glass and examine things closer to home.

People most likely to buy from you have bought before or at least shown interest in the past. Yet often clients underestimate existing databases to re-sell or cross sell their wares.

E-mail marketing and re-marketing are strong means of generating traffic and sales. Low cost, highly effective and under utilised. Talk to us.

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