Results based

The Internet probably provides the facility to judge the power of your marketing strategy better than any other medium. You can see how traffic grows to the nearest unique visitor, judge how long they stay on a site and whether they buy. How much they buy and whether they return.

Results therefore are everything and we have built our business on the success our clients have had in driving quality leads to their sites and converting them.

The work we do in search engine optimisation, in e-mail marketing and social media, the design and writing of sites and the techniques we have for turning visitors into regular customers are all borne out in the business our clients have achieved.

Below we indicate some of the case studies that help demonstrate our abilities. We hope you find them interesting. If you would like to discuss joining our growing list of clients we’d be delighted to have an initial no-obligation chat.

Standing out

Projects should start with clear objectives, monitored by the team, of which we always feel a part. Who we want to talk to, how we want them to respond and how we want to interact with them, as prospects become customers.

It boils down to numbers, with a large dollop of objective analysis and soul searching thrown in.

High traffic is desirable, but it has to be of quality; are they tyre kickers or have they potential? Do they engage with us on the site? Do they spend time on the site? Where do they go – what interests them and what leaves them cold?

Can we earn their contact details? Can we convert them and persuade them to recommend us?

Measuring up

Often when we talk to potential clients they admit that either through inertia or ignorance, their Internet strategy is not what it could be. Trouble is they’re not quite sure what to do next.

We’ll happily discuss where your online presence currently stands and how you might get up to speed, especially if your competitors have stolen a march.

There’s no obligation, but be warned, our enthusiasm nearly always rubs off on those we meet and you will be keen to do more business on the web. And we’ll be delighted to help you.

Contact us today and let us run the rule over your business and how the Internet can drive it forward.

Team share

Abdication never really worked for Edward the Eighth and in our experience it never works with clients either.

Don’t get us wrong – our initiative and experience allows us to crack on and work hard on our clients behalf. However we strongly believe in teamwork to get the best out of web marketing.

We’ll work hand in hand with you to understand every aspect of your business and identify the right people to target and the right things to say.

Understanding what your customers want and the questions they are likely to ask is fundamental to creating the messages that will make the tills ring.

Recent Projects

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