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If you listen to the ‘gurus’, you’d think the internet was the answer to all ills.

Since we started 17 years ago, tekkies have continued to believe that a website is a passport to untold riches. Guess what? It was never that simple.

Our founding director spent over twenty years in advertising, gaining experience on brands large and small, across television, radio, press, direct mail and outdoor.

Ultimately the Internet is simply another medium, albeit with its own characteristics, which provides a powerful communication route. You still need good old fashioned marketing ‘nous’ to make it work.

It is the message that is king. We make no apology for discussing your business strategy in depth, who you target, how you differentiate yourselves; because, ultimately, that is what matters and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Target audience

We often see competitors web proposals and are always astounded how few of them mention the target audience (or any real marketing strategy for that matter).

Little wonder that many ask you, the client, to provide the copy to ‘drop into the site’ at the conclusion of the project.

Now, call us old fashioned, but surely who you are targeting is pretty crucial to the site, particularly where there are several potential customers who may need different communications.

Getting the message right

Efforts you make attracting visitors to a site are wasted if you don’t make a connection with them on arrival.

What will make them respond favourably? Have you pushed the right buttons? Have you encouraged them to read further and interact with you? Have you predicted the kind of information they might require to make a decision about your offering?

We spend our time inside the minds of our clients’ customers to ensure a rich and rewarding experience that delivers quality leads. Something only 30 years marketing experience prepares you for.


“They created the site, they sent an invoice, we paid it. And that’s the last we really heard from them”

OK – so it’s a slight paraphrase of a common complaint we hear about our clients’ previous experiences.

Frankly we`re only interested in long term partnerships.

Anyone who thinks building a website is all that is required is living in cloud cuckoo land. It’s like printing a brochure and locking it in a cupboard. The web site is the start of the project, not the end.

We never forget that.

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