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These days, your Internet presence needs to be at the centre of your marketing strategy, irrespective of which other communication routes you also adopt.

But how does it all fit together? The marketing mix needs to be built around both above and below the line promotion, often with the web site as the hub, increasingly supplemented by social media.

As marketing experts first and foremost, we are well placed to assess all the options and help you complete what is fast becoming a three dimensional jigsaw.

Because we come from a marketing background, unlike many of the web companies you may encounter, we believe we can talk intelligently about the merits of a web strategy against any other medium, because we have worked in these arenas too. In fact some clients end up entrusting us with non-web work as a result of our advice.

Ultimately, we’ll tell it to you straight.

Where does the web fit in?

Web companies selling web sites always seem to think you need one (or more!), irrespective of your objectives and strategy.

We encourage long term relationships, building on agreed goals and quality marketing advice.

Sometimes that might not necessarily mean an Internet solution, or perhaps a different route from the norm. If it is – so be it, we often develop innovative alternative solutions, which our client’s appreciate.

Multi media experience

Media divisions are now so blurred, our understanding across media platforms is helping us to drive client’s businesses in many areas.

Audio, video, blogs, tweets, web chat, social media and networking, forums and web driven CRM are spreading the reach and influence of our client’s on a daily basis.

Having said all that, this all needs careful consideration, each one is not an answer to every problem and needs careful crafting into an appropriate and results driven programme.

Other services

Because our experience has developed from traditional marketing communication, we are often asked to ‘return to our roots’ and provide non-web work to compliment our Internet offering.

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Print
  • PR
  • Broadcast

Recent Projects

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Key Services

  • Marketing Led Internet Consultancy
  • Web design and build
  • Online web promotion
  • Search engine optimisation
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media


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