Why is it that suddenly businesses are waking up to the need for “content”?

It’s as if, in some way, it was not really needed on web sites in the past?

Guess what? If you want your business to be recognised as expert in what it does, you need to provide good quality, dare we say, interesting content that demonstrates why the visitor should make an enquiry – now.

And you need to keep doing it, not just now, but into the future, regularly and consistently.

All of which requires investing time in understanding your target audience, what interests them, what worries them, what they want to know, what they need to know and what will impress them. Only then can you ge real empathy and quality leads.

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Open dialogue

Communicating face to face allows dialogue, feedback and can direct the conversation towards a sale, based on responses received.

In the old days, writing a brochure did not allow this; copy was general and covered all areas in the hope of matching the particular reader’s interests.

Websites do provide the vehicle for dialogue, establishing prospects, what they are interested in and then deliver relevant sales pitches to them.

Why then do clients (and many web designers) assume they can drop their ‘brochure’ copy into a site and it will work? Opportunity missed.

Answer questions

Salesmen get asked questions. Lots of them.

By listening to customers and requirements and concerns, they structure the perfect response to gain a sale. Two ears and one mouth and all that.

But here’s the thing – what are the top ten questions your sales force get asked…….. and how many of them do you currently answer on your website? Audits we conduct on this often provide frightening results.

If you’re not answering the typical questions in your market place, you’re toast! Visitors quickly move on to the web site that provides comfort and certainty and they enquire there instead.

No pasting

Do you trawl through web sites for the same product and service and find it difficult to differentiate between any of them?

The same old corporate guff telling you how wonderful a company is and what fantastic features their new wonder product possesses.

By copying what others are saying and how they convey messages you are perpetuate the bland.

We need to talk from the consumer’s perspective, in language they understand and have empathy for.

We ensure you gain your own voice and set your offering apart. Making a real difference.

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